Saturday, December 18, 2021

Cannacoin Today

Cannacoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency specifically for the cannabis community. Created in 2014 by Josh and James Dellay, Cannacoin was first deployed on the now defunct medical cannabis forum known as Visit our website at for more information. While cannabis is quickly becoming accepted worldwide, there are still a lot of concerns about incorporating cannabis into our current financial system or even using credit cards to buy cannabis related products. We also have many issues with banking as well. We need an alternative to cash that can be used worldwide, so we came up with Cannacoin (CCN). We are building this coin to help the global community be able to use it for their everyday needs, whether or not they are involved in the cannabis industry. The goal of Cannacoin is to improve the lives of marijuana enthusiasts around the globe by bringing an easy to use payment solution that works internationally and can have its fees lowered if purchased in bulk. The only fees will be processing fees, which will be much lower than other traditional payment processors currently used within the industry like credit cards, paypal, and banks.

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