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Step-by-step instructions to configure your new Cannacoin wallet

Step 1 . Download the wallet from... (Ignore the message that says this is an unsafe download. It is perfectly safe ot download and run. The only reason it says this is because the current version of the wallet is several years old and points to some out of date registry dependencies in Windows. We are working to find a developer to update the code and fix this situation.)  Step 2. Unzip and run the cannacoin-qt.exe file Step 3. In the menu click on "help". in the subsequent menu, click on "debug window" Step 4. Click on the "console" tab Step 5. Look for the posts in this blog called "Nodes". you will need these. Step 6. At the command prompt in the console, type "addnode <node> add" then enter. Step 7. Repeat step 6 until your wallet connects to the active nodes (other running wallets on the internet) and starts syncing Step 8. Let the blockcha