Monday, September 20, 2021

Who are we?

We're just like you...

We get it. We are a strong and talented team of cannabis proponents and tech professionals with years of combined experience in cryptocurrency and the cannabis industry under our belts. We all wanted something better and we saw a future in cryptocurrency.

Let's face it, handling all that cash is an extremely risky effort plus banks are a hassle for cannabis businesses. The world is changing. The idea behind our project is that, simply put, Bitcoin is becoming too valuable to spend on everyday purchases like cannabis and that cryptocurrency, in one form or another, will eventually be ubiquitous.

Cannacoin is smarter, more efficient, and safer than traditional money.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Why Cannacoin?

We believe that Bitcoin is quickly becoming too precious to spend on everyday purchases such as cannabis and the like. Other people are noticing this too, as with the sudden surge in the altcoin market. This is why we need coins like Cannacoin in order to stay liquid and facilitate your cannabis purchases moving forward. Plus, accounting is a breeze. Cannacoin is smarter, more efficient, and safer than cash.

In Cannacoin We Trust

Cannacoin was proudly deployed under fair distribution with 0.00% pre-mine and no ICO on March 28, 2014 on the now defunct (Northwest Green Thumb). Despite this, Cannacoin continues to operate among current users to this day. We are very proud of the loyalty of our user base. We are soon to be rolling out a new version of the wallet and intend to be featured in your cannabis transactions very soon.

Cryptocurrency is digital money you can send over the internet

Cannacoin works like pretty much every other cryptocurrency out there. We utilize decentralized blockchain technology to record transactions and ensure the security of the value therein. This is also how we mint new coins to be utilized on the network. 

What sets us apart from others is that we use a "Proof of Stake" protocol for mining which is a environmentally friendly carbon offset scheme that we are taking advantage of for sustainability and scalability. 

We have been Proof of Stake since December of 2014. This means that the amount of Cannacoin you hold determines your mining weight which determines your mining power which is used to verify transactions and release freshly minted coins. 

You earn new coins based on the amount of coins you already hold so therein lies the incentive to hold coins.

Cannacoin is money

Cannacoin has all the elements of money. It is a unit of account, a medium of exchange, and a standard of value for cannabis and cannabis accessories and services.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

When was Cannacoin initially released?

Cannacoin was first introduced in 2014 on the popular, but now defunct, Pacific Northwest online medical cannabis patient/grower exchange known as "Northwest Green Thumb" that emerged from a chance Craigslist encounter to over 20,000 members at its peak.

What is Cannacoin?

Cannacoin is an evolution of the distributed computing model and the BitTorrent protocol. It employs a Proof of Stake scheme to verify the blockchain.

It finally happened!

My trademark application got approved and I now officially own the term "CANNACOIN". I'm so happy and excited now we can opera...