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Cannacoin is pending trademark with the USPTO

    Cannacoin: A Step Closer to Official Recognition with Pending USPTO Registration In a significant move towards legitimizing our brand and solidifying our foothold in both the cryptocurrency and cannabis sectors, Cannacoin is excited to announce that our trademark registration is currently pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). What This Means for Cannacoin The pending registration is not merely a legal formality; it’s a strategic milestone for our brand's expansion and recognition. Obtaining a registered trademark will further strengthen our identity, provide exclusive rights to the Cannacoin name, and offer legal protections against unauthorized use. The Importance of a Trademark in the Crypto and Cannabis Industry In industries as dynamic and rapidly-evolving as cryptocurrency and cannabis, a registered trademark serves as a mark of authenticity and credibility. It signals to consumers, investors, and partners alike that Cannacoin is committed to

That day I got voted as lead director of the Cannacoin project


100 Jobs Your Volunteers Can Do (Part 1)

100 Jobs Your Volunteers Can Do  (Part 1) (Borrowed from One of the biggest challenges for volunteer coordinators is to find and document the jobs to assign to volunteers. With time crunches and limited resources, it is no surprise to be out of ideas of what needs to be done even if you have the right team. Below you will find a comprehensive list of different tasks and jobs volunteers can do for your project. From entry-level tasks to specialized opportunities, you will sure find some inspiration to expand your job lists and keep your team engaged and contributing. Just like in theater, there is no role too small! Management jobs for volunteers Program reporting Track your team’s best practices by keeping clear records of what, who, and when things got done. By keeping records organized, you can later evaluate the impact of a program and devise ways to further improve its effectiveness. Coordination of virtual meetings and

Amplify Your Cannacoin Experience: Join Our Thriving Discord Community

  Amplify Your Cannacoin Experience: Join Our Thriving Discord Community In an ever-evolving landscape like cryptocurrency, real-time updates and a strong sense of community are paramount. That's why we invite you to become an integral part of the Cannacoin journey by joining our official Discord server. 👉 Join us on Discord 👈 Why Discord? Why Now? Since its inception in 2015, Discord has become a leading platform for communities to connect, collaborate, and communicate. For Cannacoin, Discord is more than just a chat room; it’s the nexus of our ecosystem. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information, updates, and conversations that shape the future of Cannacoin. The Heart of Our Ecosystem By growing our Discord community, we're not only expanding our reach but also strengthening the very core of the Cannacoin experience. This server will serve as the launchpad for all future initiatives, partnerships, and developments. Join us in creating a dynamic community where your voice i

Cannacoin on

    cannacoin was deployed on march 28, 2014 with proudly no ICO and 0.00% pre-mine under a fair distribution strategy. cannacoin is cryptocurrency for the cannabis community, worldwide.  since our inception we have operated as an alternative to cash in cannabis transactions where a cash-only business model is mandated by the government due to cannabis prohibition on a federal level. this makes banks unable to open accounts for cannabis companies. plus, handling all that cash is very dangerous indeed.  cryptocurrency is an evolution of distributed computing and the bittorrent protocol. in december of 2014, cannacoin transitioned to a proof of stake protocol for environmental awareness, carbon offset, and scalability. proof of stake is a model where the amount of cannacoin that an individual holds determines their network weight or mining weight and in turn dictates their contribution to the verification of transactions whereby new coins are minted on the network. this means that users

Searching for volunteers

    Join the Future of Cannabis and Cryptocurrency with Cannacoin Are you a dynamic, passionate professional eager to make an impact at the intersection of the cannabis industry and cryptocurrency? Look no further—Cannacoin offers an unparalleled opportunity to be part of the next big wave. Why Cannacoin? Founded in 2014, Cannacoin is at the forefront of merging the incredible healing potential of cannabis with the future of digital currency. As Bitcoin becomes increasingly valuable and less practical for everyday use, Cannacoin steps in to fill that void, bringing innovation and utility together. Be Part of Our Evolution We are in an exciting phase of rebranding and upgrading, and we're looking for people with unique talents and a drive to excel. This is your chance to contribute to a visionary project at its ground level. How to Join Us Learn More : Visit Cannacoin's official website to understand our mission and values. Apply : Head over to Team Cannacoin and complete the

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