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100 Jobs Your Volunteers Can Do (Part 1)

100 Jobs Your Volunteers Can Do 
(Part 1)

One of the biggest challenges for volunteer coordinators is to find and document the jobs to assign to volunteers. With time crunches and limited resources, it is no surprise to be out of ideas of what needs to be done even if you have the right team.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of different tasks and jobs volunteers can do for your project. From entry-level tasks to specialized opportunities, you will sure find some inspiration to expand your job lists and keep your team engaged and contributing. Just like in theater, there is no role too small!

Management jobs for volunteers
Program reporting

Track your team’s best practices by keeping clear records of what, who, and when things got done. By keeping records organized, you can later evaluate the impact of a program and devise ways to further improve its effectiveness.
Coordination of virtual meetings and taking meeting minutes

Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts, Facebook. These are few of the multiple virtual meeting apps and it can get quite messy in the long run. A designed virtual meeting coordinator can ensure everybody is on the right channel, has their mics turned on (or off!), and takes useful notes so everyone can keep track of what was said.
Coordinating event and project logistics

A seasoned volunteer (or a very responsible one) can help you to take the load of program coordination off your shoulders. Beyond managing volunteers, this person focuses on the logistics of the program itself including deliveries, construction, and transportation.
Archiving documents correctly

There is nothing worse than searching for that “perfect picture” of last year’s charity run. An organized volunteer can help you to manage the media archive better by creating folders, tagging pictures, and organizing file names.
Tax accountancy

If you are lucky enough to have a volunteer with tax accountancy experience, ask for their advice! They may help you to prep your tax records or suggest ways in which you can improve your financial planning for the year to come.
Data entry

If your team is still using written records, it is key to digitize them. From forms to testimonials, data entry is a blessing while looking for information in a (virtual) pile of documents.
Mentorship Positions for Volunteers
Business analysis

Running a charity is a lot like running a business. Therefore, it is quite helpful to ask for guidance to people with high business skills. From evaluating if a program is financially feasible to setting up fundraising goals, a volunteer business analyst can improve the financial health and longevity of your organization.
Application analysis

If you run a scholarship program, a volunteer can help you to screen applicants and ensure help arrives where is most needed. It is advisable to ask volunteers in charge of this task to sign a NDA since they may see sensitive information.
Being a board member

New and experienced organizations will benefit from having the guidance of a board that will help it to be more effective. Board members are personally recruited, and they may include entrepreneurs, benefactors, field experts, community representatives and experienced organizers.
Transcribing videos

This includes transcribing recorded conferences or training, and close captioning videos. It may seem like a simple activity, but it is time consuming and something that can be delegated in your team as part of their regular tasks.
Managing the office

Out of coffee? Design an office manager who keeps the team spirit up by making sure the printer has paper, the coffee maker is running, and everything is neat and clean.

A position for volunteers with good people skills, this task is key for the longevity of organizations, events and festivals. Responsibilities can also include the yearly fundraising plan, lead prospecting, and partner relations.
Finding new staff

If your paid staff need extra hands and you have a HR specialist in your volunteer team or board, you can ask them to help you to improve your recruitment strategy. Or if you already have somebody in mind, ask them for the best practices on how to approach your potential new addition to the team.
Onboarding new volunteers

Similar to the last task, this person is in charge of finding potential candidates for volunteer positions. Their responsibilities include managing incoming volunteer data, the structure of the onboarding program, and how volunteers are initially allocated.

Research and Online Volunteer Jobs
Managing projects

Running out of time all the time? Ask somebody to make sure that everyone is keeping up with their projects and they have what they need in order to work.

Not everyone is great at searching things on Google. Save precious time and get the information you need with a volunteer research assistant. This person should be organized, know Google search functions and be a good reader.
Reviewing and editing grant applications

There is nothing worse than a deadline and an unfinished grant application. A writer with excellent grammar and style can make your application stand out among all others by making sure the information is displayed accurately and according to the expertise of the grant body.
Blog article writing

One of the ways you can make your organization improve its Google ranking is by constantly publishing fresh and interesting articles for your audience. A volunteer can take the lead and make sure your blog is up to date, while also making sure the new content follows the latest practices in content marketing.
Writing the monthly newsletter

Keep your partners, donors, and volunteers updated by sending a great newsletter. A volunteer with excellent marketing skills can help you by testing headlines, content, and buttons. Keep things GPDR compliant for everyone by asking them to sign an NDA.
Marketing Volunteer Jobs
Making great videos

There is more and more need for video content nowadays. A good video editor can help you to make trailers, place subtitles, re-edit old videos, and back up your video archive. The skills required for this position include great camera skills, video editing knowledge, and the ability to deliver things on time.
Taking pictures

This is a very important activity that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Make sure there is always someone taking (good) pictures not only of your team at work, but also from the preparations and wrap-up. In case you already have a photo archive, the volunteer photographer can also be tasked with the archive organization, maintenance, and updates.
Juggling public relations

Need to spread the word about your project? Task a volunteer to be your media contact. They can help you to research and contact reporters, find media opportunities, and write PR releases. The perfect volunteer for this role will have journalistic experience or skills, and be a fast writer.
Monitoring copyright compliance

Make sure your brand is protected by having a volunteer helping you to keep tabs on the media released by your projects, and checking that all published media is original and gives proper credit. This volunteer can also help you to register books, brands, and other creative brand works.
Social media marketing

Social media is growing every year, and every network needs its own strategy. Create a social media team that keeps your profiles up to date and that knows the latest trends and practices that can benefit your brand.
Digital advertising

Make your budget go further by asking someone for advice on the best way to spend it online. From choosing outlets to copywriting, this role is suitable for a volunteer with interest in advertising and design.

Tech, Web, and IT Volunteer Jobs
Developing the blog

A front-end savvy volunteer can help you to step up your website. From improving the data management to creating a custom template for WordPress, a volunteer blog developer can improve the way your brand looks and improve its search visibility.
Helping in the back-end

A volunteer with programming skills can help you to develop your own project app, or update an existing one. This person can also help you to backup old data or migrate it into a new system, so your users can use your updated app seamlessly.
Designing the website

This is a creative role that requires an eye for detail and experience with graphic tools and online environments. This can also involve ensuring that the brand has the same look across all digital platforms, inc
Writing manuals

A good writer can help you to write manuals for all of your project roles and strategies. This is a position suitable for a tech-savvy writer who understands data and is able to explain complex structures to non-familiar audiences.
Data visualization

Make the most out of your data by making it visible to the public. A creative graphic designer can help you to craft infographics and illustrations that make information easier to comprehend and it’s appealing to share.
Tech maintenance

A tech-savvy volunteer can help you to keep you laptops running smoothly, printers working, and chargers organized. If you need to change your equipment, you can also ask this volunteer for advice on which computer works best for your needs.

Community Service Volunteer Jobs
Coaching seniors on tech

Sometimes seniors team members have issues with new technologies. You can support them to get familiar with the latest equipment and software by designing a tech coach among your volunteers. The skills required for this position are an interest in tech and basic teaching skills.
Letter-writing for seniors

Are you serving senior citizens? Add a personal touch by asking a volunteer to write personalized letters to them on important dates (like their birthdays) or to thank them for participating in an activity organized by your project.
Doing makeovers

A beautician can be a fantastic volunteer. From teaching makeup techniques to helping on makeover drives, a volunteer with beauty skills can add glamour without making it a splurge. Keep in mind to budget the materials they will require and ask them what kind of facilities and support they need.
Manning a shop

If you are running a shop, a volunteer can help you to man the till and keep shelves stocked. Keep in mind to have a flexible shift schedule that is shared by everyone in their team (via an app like Zelos), so everyone knows when they can help out at the store.
Refreshment giver

This is a critical role to fill in race and marathon events. This volunteer is in charge of keeping participants and staff hydrated, and keeping the checkpoint clean.
Making great coffee

If your project or event includes running a coffee shop, having a volunteer barista is key to keep the money coming in. They can train other less experienced volunteers on the art of making a latte, and also give you ideas on what kind of supplies you will need.

Have to plan a cook-out? A volunteer cook can help you to plan the perfect party menu within your budget. Having a cook can also be helpful while doing events that last longer than a day, such as a summer day camp, since they can help you to find different ways in which to use the same ingredients.
Team coaching

From winning a basketball game to learning new business skills, find coaches in different areas that can help your team grow as a unit. Make sure that volunteer coaches are adequately trained and certified, so you are sure they are capable of handling your team.
Spiritual guidance

If you are serving a community with deep spiritual beliefs, it is important to provide some sort of spiritual guidance. The perfect fit for this position is a volunteer with pastoral experience and that is a trained counselor as well. Make sure to ask this volunteer if they need any reading materials, and to annotate any important religious holiday in your calendar.

Projects related to career-building will benefit from having their own network of volunteer mentors. From keeping high-school kids interested in school to teaching people the ropes of an industry, mentors can provide invaluable know-how and propel forward the careers of their mentees.
Music teacher

Help your community to appreciate the sound of music by adding a music class to your project. From learning guitar basics to preparing for a singing competition, the best fit for this role is a responsible musician that is good at teaching.
Arts teacher

A volunteer focused in art education can offer a variety of skills for your project. Guiding museum visits, running workshops, and organizing student art shows are some of the things this volunteer can help you to implement.
Graphic designer

A graphic designer can help to reinvent your brand image. From unifying the look of all your outgoing communications to helping you to design a poster, a graphic designer is a great addition to your volunteer team. Keep in mind that this role can be split among several volunteers if you have a large load of communication materials that you need to produce.
Programming teacher

One of the most marketable skills in today’s world is programming. Recruit a volunteer that understands the field and also has a passion for teaching, and together you can create a basic programming course for your community. Keep in mind that programming is a field with high demand, so you will probably need more than one volunteer in case someone decides not to volunteer anymore.
After School teacher

If you are a children-focused project, consider adding an after school tutoring program. Beyond helping children to complete their homework, tutors can also help to devise interesting projects that keep children busy in a safe environment. The ideal volunteer for this role would have a background in education, and will have experience leading groups.
ESL teacher

We are now living in a multicultural society where many people look forward to learning English as a second language. Help them to learn the language of Shakespeare by recruiting volunteers that have experience teaching others and have excellent English skills.

If your group of volunteers has a licensed counselor, you can ask them if they would like to provide guidance to your community or your team members. This is a way in which they can use their knowledge and make a positive impact. Keep in mind of counseling regulations in your area and make sure to sign a NDA agreement with them to keep counseling sessions confidential.
Parenting coaching

A volunteer with a background in early childhood or child care can help you to create a course targeted to soon-to-be parents. From how to make the perfect swaddle to infant first aid, a parenting coach can help new parents relax and refresh the knowledge of experienced ones.
Community education

It’s never too late to learn or share knowledge. Cater to the needs of your community and the skills of your volunteers by scheduling courses on a variety of topics. Keep class numbers small and don’t forget to train your teachers so everyone has a positive experience.

In the upcoming articles, we will further list other volunteer jobs. Don’t miss it.

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We're building a community and Discord is our hub

We want to get as many people in our Discord server as possible in order to stay in touch and up to the minute with changes and developments as they happen.

Follow this link to join..

It's very important that we grow our Discord community because that is the hub of our eco-system and everything will ideally branch off of there.

Discord has been around since 2015.

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Cannacoin on

cannacoin was deployed on march 28, 2014 with proudly no ICO and 0.00% pre-mine under a fair distribution strategy. cannacoin is cryptocurrency for the cannabis community, worldwide. 

since our inception we have operated as an alternative to cash in cannabis transactions where a cash-only business model is mandated by the government due to cannabis prohibition on a federal level. this makes banks unable to open accounts for cannabis companies. plus, handling all that cash is very dangerous indeed. 

cryptocurrency is an evolution of distributed computing and the bittorrent protocol. in december of 2014, cannacoin transitioned to a proof of stake protocol for environmental awareness, carbon offset, and scalability. proof of stake is a model where the amount of cannacoin that an individual holds determines their network weight or mining weight and in turn dictates their contribution to the verification of transactions whereby new coins are minted on the network. this means that users earn new coins based on the amount of coins they hold. this amount is essentially 2% annually of their net holdings. 

cannacoin can be exchanged on a peer to peer level with our mobile wallet (coming soon to android) and we also have a point of sale solution for merchants. we want to install cannacoin kiosks at participating cannabis retailers and build an online exchange. we are currently in the stage of upgrading and working to expand our utility and technology. 

more to come.

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Searching for volunteers

We are looking for bright excited passionate professionals interested in joining in the ground floor on the future of the Cannabis industry.

We believe that cryptocurrency will be ubiquitous someday and that Bitcoin is becoming too precious to spend on everyday purposes. We also believe in the amazing healing power of Cannabis.

Are you interested in offering your super powers to help grow a great cryptocurrency project that is combining cryptocurrency with cannabis? We've been around since 2014 but we are now rebranding and upgrading and we need help. Visit our website at to learn more about our project.

If you are interested in helping us, please go to and fill out out volunteer application there then go to to schedule an interview. It's that easy.


It finally happened!

My trademark application got approved and I now officially own the term "CANNACOIN". I'm so happy and excited now we can opera...