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Cannacoin and NORML

    We propose that the Drug War has been a complete failure of our rights and civil liberties as well as a health crisis of monumental proportions. The prohibition of cannabis has led to the proliferation of dangerous gangs and even more dangerous and deadly drugs. It has also weakened the health of the general population by removing hemp from the food chain where it had been a staple for thousands of years. Since 2014, Cannacoin has had no major purpose other than to facilitate cannabis transactions but that is going to change. We are now making a bold move forward and have decided to align forces with for the expansion of cannabis legalization. When access to cannabis is ubiquitous, there will be a resulting greater level of harm reduction among the population, therefore enhancing the opportunities for a more robust involvement in education and therefore stronger society. Cannacoin is about cannabis activism, harm reduction, and health and healing through cannabinoid thera

The Evolution of Retail Cannabis and its Growing Importance in the U.S.

    The Evolution of Retail Cannabis and its Growing Importance in the U.S. Introduction Retail cannabis is making historic strides in the United States as society shifts away from the age-old stigmas and prohibitions. States like Colorado and Washington have not only opened the doors to legalization but are also reaping economic benefits. In this article, we'll examine the multi-dimensional value of cannabis, its economic impact, and the controversial federal stance on this burgeoning industry. The Financial Success Story: Colorado and Beyond Colorado, one of the trailblazers in legalizing recreational marijuana, clocked in over $1 billion in legal sales in 2014—a figure that continues to grow. Washington and other states are showing similar promise. Denver has creatively channeled the tax revenues into social programs such as housing for the homeless and school funding. Federal Paradox: A Plant in Limbo Despite the state-level successes, cannabis remains a "Schedule 1"