Saturday, December 25, 2021

Cannacoin and NORML

We propose that the Drug War has been a complete failure of our rights and civil liberties as well as a health crisis of monumental proportions. The prohibition of cannabis has led to the proliferation of dangerous gangs and even more dangerous and deadly drugs. It has also weakened the health of the general population by removing hemp from the food chain where it had been a staple for thousands of years.

Since 2014, Cannacoin has had no major purpose other than to facilitate cannabis transactions but that is going to change. We are now making a bold move forward and have decided to align forces with for the expansion of cannabis legalization.

When access to cannabis is ubiquitous, there will be a resulting greater level of harm reduction among the population, therefore enhancing the opportunities for a more robust involvement in education and therefore stronger society. Cannacoin is about cannabis activism, harm reduction, and health and healing through cannabinoid therapies as well as community service.

Alone, we are a small voice in the wind, but together with enough supporters we physically become a powerful force within this community and industry which can help push our vision forward into reality.

That's why we have aligned ourselves with, the longest standing organization for cannabis law reform and together we can change the world.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Cannacoin Pay

Cannacoin Pay is a POS solution for cannabis vendors utilizing the Cannacoin cryptocurrency protocol. Cannacoin Pay enables merchants to accept Cannacoin for purchases in store and online. Merchants enjoy benefits beyond cash-only, including lower fees than any other processor, ability to waive traditional credit card fees, marketing support, loyalty and reward programs, and instant conversion to fiat funds in your local currency. Plus, Cannacoin transactions are 100% verified on the blockchain ledger.

Cannacoin Pay is a full-service POS solution for cannabusinesses to accept Cannacoin for purchases in store and online. Cannacoin Pay provides merchants with lower transaction fees than traditional processors, ability to waive traditional credit card fees, marketing support, loyalty and reward program, financing (buying down your entire balance earns you interest), and instant conversion to fiat funds in your local currency.

Cannacoin Pay allows you to accept our cryptocurrency in store or online. You can then choose to further process credit card transactions through the Cannacoin Pay APIs and waive the usual processing fees.

Cannacoin is all about putting you in control of your money. We’re a new kind of digital currency that’s changing how people do business. Thanks to the smart technology built into our software, it’s never been easier for retail businesses to accept payment in Cannacoin, and we also offer a range of fantastic tools designed to help you manage your trading and even grow your business.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Cannacoin Today

Cannacoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency specifically for the cannabis community. Created in 2014 by Josh and James Dellay, Cannacoin was first deployed on the now defunct medical cannabis forum known as Visit our website at for more information. While cannabis is quickly becoming accepted worldwide, there are still a lot of concerns about incorporating cannabis into our current financial system or even using credit cards to buy cannabis related products. We also have many issues with banking as well. We need an alternative to cash that can be used worldwide, so we came up with Cannacoin (CCN). We are building this coin to help the global community be able to use it for their everyday needs, whether or not they are involved in the cannabis industry. The goal of Cannacoin is to improve the lives of marijuana enthusiasts around the globe by bringing an easy to use payment solution that works internationally and can have its fees lowered if purchased in bulk. The only fees will be processing fees, which will be much lower than other traditional payment processors currently used within the industry like credit cards, paypal, and banks.

Thursday, December 2, 2021


By now you have probably heard of "NFTs" or "non-fungible tokens" in one way or another. You may have heard of them through following Elon Musk and/or Gary Vee or other celebrities and noteworthy figures. Nevertheless, they are the latest emerging craze in the cryptocurrency space with players like Snoop Dogg and Boy George joining the movement but, believe it or not, they are nothing new. NFTs have been in existence now for several years but just recently began gaining traction among the greater public with outlandish news of record breaking auctions reaching the headlines of mass media. 

NFTs are pieces of graphic and illustration art, animations, photographs, music, and basically any other creative work that can be digitized whose rarity and authenticity is registered and can be proven through blockchain technology which allows the artist or creator to profit and retain the rights to their work in perpetuity. 

Because NFTs are registered or "minted" on the blockchain, collectors can verify their authenticity and artists can retain copyright and collect royalties whenever they are resold. This is a major game changer for digital artists everywhere who heretofore had no avenue or recourse for monetization of their work and it levels the playing field immensely. It is a complete revolution in art and culture and virtual galleries are springing up all over cyberspace. 

There are in fact a multitude of NFT galleries popping up as of late. A simple Google search will reveal them to you, but a few of them off the top of my head are OpenSea, Rarible, and Bondswap. There will be more to come in the future for sure. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take a deep dive into the rabbit hole of NFTs and immerse yourself in a journey into the brave new face of digital art creation, collection, commerce, and culture.

Marijuana Now

Retail cannabis is making gigantic headway in the United States as the ties of prohibition are slowly loosening and marijuana becomes a legitimate commodity nationwide. Colorado, one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, saw over $1B dollars in legal sales in 2014 with numbers that are only rising. Other states such as Washington are seeing similar growth. Denver has used the sudden influx of tax money for programs to house the homeless and funding for schools. You could call what is happening a major success for an otherwise demonized plant but on the federal level another story is to be told. On the federal level, cannabis in all its forms is still prohibited. The US-DEA in 2015 decided to let marijuana remain a "Schedule 1" substance meaning its use has no marked medical value, essentially poison. They hold a patent for its therapeutic use though so they admit it has an effect. Whether that effect is beneficial or not is a complicated subject under heavy debate. In this day and age, they must know it is safe. After all these hundreds of years, no one has ever overdosed on marijuana because partly due to the fact that it is simply impossible to do so. The amount of marijuana needed for a lethal dose is nearly a ton consumed in less than 15 minutes. It is not physically possible to fit that much marijuana in your body within 15 minutes. 
Marijuana has evolved with people just as food and technology. We all have running throughout our bodies what is called an endocannabinoid system. Our bodies already know what cannabis is and it provides us with nourishment. Hemp for nutrition is just one of the many new reconsiderations for the cannabis industry as of late. Concentrated Oils are growing in popularity every day as well. Objectively it has been shown to be therapeutic for disabled individuals fighting with epilepsy and autism to muscular dystrophy and PTSD. It has shown in study to kill cancer cells specifically opposed to the "shotgun" technique of chemotherapy actually shrinking tumors to nothing, as confirmed by The American Cancer Society. It has offered an improved lifestyle for many people in countless ways. A moment of research on "CBD" will inform you of the myriad of data on the medicinal aspects of this substance. Cannabis has been a part of the food chain in human culture for thousands of years. Livestock would feed on feral hemp transferring that to us through their milk and meat. It has evolved with us as is evident by the existence of our own internal cannabinoid system running through our bodies much like our nervous system or circulatory system. The endocannabinoid system is a system of peripheral neuro-receptors that are made to recognize the constituents of cannabis. Our bodies know what it is. Does it not therefore nourish us? Hemp for nutrition is just one of the many new trails the cannabis industry is heading down as of late. Getting back to our roots so it seems.

Road Map for October 2022