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The Origin Story of Cannacoin: From a Craigslist Encounter to a Thriving Ecosystem



The Origin Story of Cannacoin: From a Craigslist Encounter to a Thriving Ecosystem


The world of cryptocurrencies is vast and ever-evolving, but every coin has its beginning. Cannacoin's origin story is not just about tech; it's about community, serendipity, and the mission to revolutionize the cannabis industry. In this blog post, we take you back to where it all started – Northwest Green Thumb, a platform born from a simple Craigslist encounter that eventually shaped Cannacoin's future.

The Craigslist Encounter

Sometimes, it's the most unexpected encounters that result in the most extraordinary outcomes. In the case of Cannacoin, it all began with a chance meeting on Craigslist. This laid the foundation for what would become a robust online community focused on medical cannabis.

Northwest Green Thumb: The Proving Ground

Northwest Green Thumb (NWGT) wasn't just another online forum; it was a thriving community of over 20,000 members at its peak. The platform was a go-to exchange for medical cannabis patients and growers in the Pacific Northwest, a space of trust, mutual benefit, and cutting-edge knowledge. It was here, in 2014, that Cannacoin was first introduced.

Why NWGT was the Perfect Launchpad for Cannacoin

The introduction of Cannacoin to the NWGT community was more than just a launch; it was a live case study. It provided:

  • Immediate Feedback: Real users could interact with the currency, testing its viability in real-world scenarios.
  • Early Adoption: The community, already comfortable with the cannabis industry's needs, was more willing to adopt a new solution designed for them.
  • Community-driven Development: Input from actual users helped shape Cannacoin, making it genuinely useful and practical for its intended audience.

Legacy Lives On

Though NWGT is now defunct, its spirit lives on in Cannacoin. Many of the early adopters and advocates from the NWGT days are still a part of the Cannacoin community, continuing to contribute to its growth and refinement.


The history of Cannacoin is a testament to the power of community and the serendipity of unexpected encounters. As we look to the future, we're grounded in the roots laid down by the passionate NWGT community. These are more than just memories; they're the foundational blocks of a cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize the cannabis world.


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