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The Evolution of Retail Cannabis and its Growing Importance in the U.S.



The Evolution of Retail Cannabis and its Growing Importance in the U.S.


Retail cannabis is making historic strides in the United States as society shifts away from the age-old stigmas and prohibitions. States like Colorado and Washington have not only opened the doors to legalization but are also reaping economic benefits. In this article, we'll examine the multi-dimensional value of cannabis, its economic impact, and the controversial federal stance on this burgeoning industry.

The Financial Success Story: Colorado and Beyond

Colorado, one of the trailblazers in legalizing recreational marijuana, clocked in over $1 billion in legal sales in 2014—a figure that continues to grow. Washington and other states are showing similar promise. Denver has creatively channeled the tax revenues into social programs such as housing for the homeless and school funding.

Federal Paradox: A Plant in Limbo

Despite the state-level successes, cannabis remains a "Schedule 1" substance at the federal level, categorizing it as having no marked medical value. This paradoxical stance has resulted in a clash between federal law and state initiatives.

Marijuana: Evolved Alongside Humans

Our bodies come equipped with an endocannabinoid system, pointing to a biological symbiosis with cannabis. The plant has been a part of human culture for millennia, providing nourishment and medicinal benefits. Modern research confirms its efficacy for a range of conditions, from epilepsy and PTSD to even cancer.

Hemp: The Forgotten Nutritional Powerhouse

Beyond its psychoactive properties, the cannabis plant, particularly hemp, offers nutritional benefits. Rich in essential fatty acids and proteins, hemp is becoming a focus for the health-conscious.

Cannabis Oils: A Growing Segment

The use of concentrated cannabis oils is becoming increasingly popular for medical applications. These oils offer potent therapeutic benefits, targeting specific health issues rather than adopting the "shotgun" approach of treatments like chemotherapy.

Concluding Thoughts

Cannabis is much more than a recreational substance. It's a plant deeply integrated into our biological systems and has proven to be beneficial for both our economy and overall well-being. As society evolves, the cannabis industry is bound to become more deeply entrenched in our lives. The time for rethinking and re-evaluating cannabis's role in society has arrived. Let's get back to our roots.


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