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Washington State Suspends Certification of True Northwest Cannabis Testing Lab: What Went Wrong and What It Means for the Industry


In a significant development that has raised eyebrows in the cannabis industry, Washington state's Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) recently suspended the certification of True Northwest Inc., a Thurston County-based cannabis testing lab. The decision comes after the lab failed to meet state requirements on multiple fronts. This blog post delves into the details of the suspension, the reasons behind it, and its potential impact on the cannabis sector.
The Suspension:

On October 26, 2023, the LCB issued an emergency suspension of True Northwest Inc.'s certification. The lab, located at 4139 Libby Road, had been conducting quality assurance tests on cannabis and cannabis products in the state before the suspension. The emergency suspension is slated to last 180 days, during which the LCB will seek to revoke the lab's certification permanently.
Reasons for Suspension:

The LCB cited several reasons for the suspension:

    Failure to Submit Corrective Action Report: The lab did not submit an acceptable corrective action report in response to a deficiency report.

    Serious Deficiencies: Multiple serious deficiencies were found during laboratory assessments and proficiency testing.

    Lack of Lab Director: The lab did not have a lab director on staff, which is a requirement under state law.

    Equipment Calibration: The lab's scales were not calibrated correctly.

    Incorrect Test Results: The lab issued incorrect test results to licensees and the public.

True Northwest's Response:

Jamie Deyman, the president and owner of True Northwest, stated that the company has been in business since 2012 and has successfully passed all previous audits. She attributed the current issues to an employee shortage and mentioned that they are working closely with the LCB to resolve the situation.
Third-Party Confirmation:

RJ Lee, a third-party lab certification monitor, confirmed that True Northwest was out of compliance regarding proficiency testing and had failed proficiency tests between June 2022 and May 2023.
Implications for the Industry:

The suspension of True Northwest's certification poses questions about quality control and assurance in the cannabis industry. It serves as a cautionary tale for other labs and stakeholders to ensure compliance with state regulations to avoid similar repercussions.

The suspension of True Northwest Inc. by the LCB is a significant event that has far-reaching implications for the cannabis industry in Washington state and beyond. It underscores the importance of adhering to state regulations and maintaining high standards of quality and compliance.
Further Reading:

For more details, you can read the original news article here.
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